Uncle Bob's Travels

Places I've hung out in, sometimes briefly.

Jewell Ridge, Virginia

The sign says it all.  If you can find it, that is.  Lee and I think that, generally speaking, the people who live up here on Jewell Ridge figure if you need to be here, you already know the way, because there’s not a sign anywhere on Hwy. 67, the route that leads past the road heading up the ridge.   The town is over a hundred years old and was started either by George Carter (coalcampusa.com) or by George St. Clair and Thomas M. Righter (jewellridgeva.com).  Either way, it’s unusual in that the town was deliberately placed high above the coal operations, so it was spared some of the tribulations suffered by towns down in the valleys.

This is looking more or less east down the main street.

This is the original store and office.  The far door now opens into a library.
It’s a pleasant town to drive through, but not a store or restaurant to be seen.

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