Uncle Bob's Travels

Places I've hung out in or just neat postcards

Cleveland VA

The N&S runs right through this town.  Nearby is the town of Carrie.  I don’t know when the town was established, but it’s a little worse for wear now.  However, a ray of sunshine: the first picture is of the original Cleveland Bank, which subsequently moved across the street to a building especially built…I’m told they placed the two safes, then poured all the concrete…enough that one of them was usable as a storm shelter.  The bank became Peoples Bank (the one of the deplorable logo), then decamped for parts unknown.  I met a couple who have rented the second building now and are preparing to put in a cupcake/coffee house.  Bless their hearts.  I wished them well.  The second picture is of downtown Cleveland.  Update 07/23/12:  There’s something very interesting right near Cleveland.  Take a look here.

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