Uncle Bob's Travels

Places I've hung out in or just neat postcards

Morristown TN

I was born here.  And it was before the second story sidewalks were installed.  We lived six blocks from downtown, on Main Street.   The house is long gone, but it was a pretty, two-story, white stick-built home.  Nice yard.  All compound things are impermanent.
The first picture is of Main Street downtown, on the upper sidewalk, looking east.  The second is of an old paint-up sign for a newspaper, the Gazette & Mail.  The other newspaper in town was The Sun.  Both of my brothers worked for it at one time or another.  The third picture shows the location where the um, well, stately Kingmyer  Hotel once stood. I have included a scan of an old, damaged postcard of the hotel as it once was.
When I first returned to Morristown, after an absence of maybe 25 years, I was shocked at how small all the buildings looked.  The last time I had seen them, after all, was when I was considerably shorter, at 12 years of age.



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