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Coeburn VA (in honor of Mr. Coe and Mr. Burns)

Yep, this is Coeburn.  Lee and I landed here one afternoon after failing to find an old railroad line we’d wanted to photograph.  Here (rat cheer) is a link to the town’s plan of action.  The first picture is of the Bus Stop, a smartly upkept building.  Bus stations, at least the ones built in the mid-20th century, seem to have an air about them…buses were rather sophisticated then.  The way out, you see..and the way back home.  There’s nothing like riding the bus into your home town after you’ve been away for a couple of years.  This counteracted an experience I had months earlier when I, in my Air Force uniform, was in a bus station waiting room when a kindly elderly lady approached me and, thinking me a bus driver, inquired as to when the next bus for Knoxville would leave.  I wasn’t rude, but I did tartly inform her that I was in THE AIR FORCE and not A BUS DRIVER.  Laughed at myself later.  I was such an ass.
The next photo is of the Old Dominion Power Company.  I took this because it has what was once the hot power company mascot: Reddy Kilowatt.  He is made of lightning bolts. Ka-zap.
Then there’s the look at Little Toms Creek that flows through the downtown.  Coeburn used to have a horrendous flooding problem, but that’s under control now, I’m told.
Coeburn VA.  Wonder what’s next?

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